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Compiles information submitted annually by all Alberta municipalities via the financial information return (FIR) and statistical information return (SIR). The FIR represents a standardized summary of the information contained in the annual audited financial statements of each municipality including assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, long term debt, and property taxes. The SIR provides basic municipal statistics including population, assessment and tax rate information.


December 21, 2020

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The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that every Alberta municipality prepare financial statements on an annual basis in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for municipal governments as recommended by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. A municipality is required to submit to Alberta Municipal Affairs, by May 1 of each year, its financial statements and auditor's report pertaining to the previous year, as well as a financial information return that is a summary of information from the audited financial statements. Municipalities also submit statistical information returns each year as required under the MGA, which include data on several characteristics of the municipality (such as area, number of dwelling units, tax rates, kilometres of roads, water and wastewater mains, etc.).


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