Director's order 01/2013 [closure of access road covered under Licence of Occupation Nos. LOC111600, LOC111712 and LOC 111599]


Authorizes the closure of an access road northwest of MacKay River for the purposes of enabling Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to establish a sub-regional access plan as contemplated in the Lower Athatbasca Regional Plan.


January 14, 2013

LARP Lower Athabasca Regional Plan directors orders public land use public lands road closures

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Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

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The Government of Alberta is able to achieve the objective of land and resource management with tools provided in the Public Lands Act and the Public Lands Administration Regulation. One of the tools is the use of closure on public land to address conservation and public safety concerns. The Public Lands Administration Regulation provides for the process by which roads authorized under Licence of Occupation may be closed by an order of a director. A director’s order that authorizes the closure of a road under a Licence of Occupation (LOC) is to be registered and a copy of the order is to be made available to the public. Section 71.2 of the Public Lands Act and Section 184 of the Public Lands Administration Regulation authorize a director to issue an order to prohibit or restrict entry into all or part of a public land use zone, public land recreation area or public land recreation trail.