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Surficial Geology of Alberta, 1:1,000,000 scale (GIS data, polygon features)


This GIS dataset is a compilation of existing surficial map information for Alberta, edited for mapping continuity and generalized to make it suitable for presentation and use at 1:1,000,000 scale. It is the dataset used to create Alberta Geological Survey Map 601: Surficial Geology of Alberta. The data were prepared from an intermediate dataset (Alberta Geological Survey DIG 2013-0001), which was edgematched and then the boundaries between similar polygons were 'dissolved.' The residual dataset was then generalized selectively using the Geological Survey of Canada's GeoScaler software. We then added attributes describing the generalized polygons, including unit description, texture, genetic group, and geological age. The data were created as an Esri file geodatabase feature class and exported for public distribution as an Esri shapefile called Surf1M_py_ll.shp. The layer file Surf1M_py_ll.lyr is also included for the convenience of Esri software users (version 9.2).


March 29, 2016

72E 72L 72M 73D 73E 73L 73M 74D 74E 74L 74M 82G 82H 82I 82J 82N 82O 82P 83A 83B 83C 83D 83E 83F 83G 83H 83I 83J 83K 83L 83M 83N 83O 83P 84A 84B 84C 84D 84E 84F 84G 84H 84I 84J 84K 84L 84M 84N 84O 84P ALBERTA CANADA GEOLOGY GEOSCIENTIFICINFORMATION GIS-DATA SHAPEFILE SURFICIAL SURFICIAL-GEOLOGY

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Surficial Geology of Alberta, 1:1,000,000 scale (GIS data, polygon features)

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Alberta Energy Regulator

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Alberta Geological Survey

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