Enforcement Order no. WA-EO-2017/02-SSR

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Alberta's environmental legislation sets out clear rules and obligations for the protection, enhancement and wise use of the environment. Alberta Environment and Parks works with Albertans to ensure the quality of the environment is maintained, using an effective and efficient regulatory framework. As part of this framework, the Compliance Assurance Program works to achieve compliance with environmental laws, regulations, standards, authorizations and codes of practice through education and prevention, and activities that compel compliance through enforcement. The purpose of the enforcement component is to ensure that there are consequences for non-compliance and that responsibility to address damages is clearly assigned. Parties that are in non-compliance are required to remedy problems to correct the non-compliance and to minimize any damages. The various pieces of environmental legislation provide for the issuance of orders to prevent and/or correct adverse effects on the environment, natural resources, human health, property, and/or public safety. Orders are remedial in nature and are not intended to be punitive. Non-compliance with any of orders is an offence and may result in an enforcement response. If an order is not complied with, the Department may apply for a court order directing compliance with the order. It may, in some circumstances, also arrange for remedial measures required under the order to be undertaken and recover costs from the responsible party.


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