Sundre Forest Products Inc. 2015 Forest Management Plan


Forest company forest management plans (FMPs) detail when, where and how timber on Alberta Crown land will be managed in order to balance social, economic, and environmental needs based on input from the public, Indigenous peoples and stakeholders. The forest management area covered in this plan is FMA 9200030, allocated to Sundre Forest Products Inc. through Order-in-Council (O.C. 261/2012 dated July 24, 2012). The FMP includes the FMA and non-FMA portion of Forest Management Unit (FMU) R10, collectively known as the Defined Forest Area (DFA). The DFA is located within the North Saskatchewan Land-use Framework planning region with two partial townships in the southern tip of the FMA in the South Saskatchewan Land-use Framework planning region.


May 28, 2019

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R10 Forest Management Unit : Forest Management Plan

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Forest Management Plan resource analysis



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Forest management plans (FMPs) are a requirement of all forest management agreements negotiated between the Government of Alberta and forest companies. The Government of Alberta appraises and approves FMPs based on the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard. FMPs focus on how activities (i.e., establishing, growing and harvesting timber) of FMA holders and other tenure holders will be managed in order to reduce negative impacts on other resource users and resource values. This is accomplished by managing the forest management activities to create a desirable future forest. FMPs also provide direction to forest operations and include specific areas identified for reforestation and harvesting activities.


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