Environmental Assessment - Suncor Energy Inc. Base Mine Extension


Environmental assessment registry documents pertaining to the proposed Suncor Energy Inc. Base Mine Extension. The Project consists of an oil sand mine and associated activities as an extension of the Base Plant operation near Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Project includes an open pit mining operation supplying oil sands to new bitumen froth production facilities (primary extraction). Bitumen froth would be delivered by pipeline to Base Plant for further processing, including secondary extraction and upgrading into various product blends for market. Further integration between the Project and Base Plant includes utilities and water systems. There would be external and in-pit tailings areas on the Project footprint. These facilities would be constructed with a combination of overburden and coarse tailings deposits. These areas, which provide off-stream storage of water that is recycled, would be the final location for coarse tailings deposits and treated fluid tailings deposits. The Project is expected to produce up to 80 million barrels per year (nominally 225,000 barrels per day) of bitumen froth during its estimated 25-year operational life. For more information on the environmental assessment process visit


July 8, 2021

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Responsible Director: Alberta Energy Regulator; Project Stage: Final terms of reference were issued for this project on June 7, 2021. Awaiting submission of the EIA/Application.


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