Environmental Assessment - Pembina Gas Services Ltd. Two Lakes Sour Gas Processing Facility


Environmental assessment registry documents pertaining to the proposed Pembina Gas Services Ltd. Two Lakes Sour Gas Processing Facility. The project is a sour gas processing facility capable of processing up to 200 million cubic feet per day of raw sour inlet gas containing up to 8% H2S. The proposal is to take in sour gas from the surrounding area and produce sales gas (methane), natural gas liquids (NGLs – used to make ethane, propane and butane), and condensate. The Project includes a raw gas, hydrocarbon liquids inlet; produced water separation and handling processing unit; an amine sweetening unit; a gas processing and NGL recovery unit; a sulphur recovery unit to create liquid sulphur from recovered H2S; a condensate stabilization processing unit; and natural gas compression for sweet sales gas. For more information on the environmental assessment process visit

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Responsible Director: Alberta Energy Regulator; Project Stage: The EIA report and applications were submitted October 2018. Requests for supplemental information were sent on January 28 and April 26, 2019. The company submitted supplemental information on February 15, March 15 and May 3, 2019. On June 7, 2019, the designated Director of Environmental Assessment notified the company that the EIA report is complete pursuant to section 53 of EPEA. The review took 32 weeks.


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