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Value of Agricultural Production in Alberta, 2009-2014


This Product provides information on the Value of Agricultural Production in Alberta from 2009 to 2014. Total Tonnes of Crop Production; Average Farm Value (dollars per tonnes); the Value (dollars) of Production by Crop Types and by Livestock and Livestock Products; the Total Gross Value ($) of Agricultural Production; and the Yearly Percent (%) Change of 2014 from previous year 2013 are included.

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Alberta Agriculture Statistics - Value of Agricultural Production in Alberta is compiled by the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Branch. Data Source from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Branch; Alberta Sugar Beet Growth and Statistics Canada. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product. Note: - ""Other Crops"" include forage seeds, field and greenhouse vegetables, fruits, floriculture and nursery, forest products, and specialty crops not specified in this table. - Totals may not add up due to rounding. - For the Value of Livestock and Livestock Products Production: Estimates for cattle and calves, hogs, sheep and lambs include farm cash receipts plus the value of inventory change less feeder imports plus income-in-kind. Estimates for dairy products and other livestock and products include farm cash receipts plus income-in-kind. Gross value of production is shown for poultry and eggs. - For the Value of Agricultural Production: Users should note that double counting may occur as in the case of barley, much of which is grown and fed to cattle. In this table, barley is valued in the crops sector as well as in the total value of cattle marketed. Gross value of production, therefore, incorporates total production from all farms, regardless of where and how products are used or marketed.


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