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Value and Number of Building Permits for Alberta and Alberta Census Subdivisions (January to July 1992-2014)


(StatCan Product) Customization details:   This information product has been customized to present monthly information on the value and number of building permits for Alberta and Alberta census subdivisions annually from 1992 to YTD 2014 (January to July).   The monthly building permit variables presented are:   Sector: - Residential - Non-Residential   Building Type: - Commercial - Industrial - Institutional   Building Permits Survey   The monthly Building Permits Survey of Canadian municipalities collects data on the value of construction intentions for buildings in the non-residential sector and the number of dwellings authorized and value of construction projects in the residential sector. The survey also measures the number of dwelling units demolished. Building permit data are widely used as a leading indicator for the construction industry since the issuance of a building permit is one of the first steps in the construction process. Statistics on building permits are essential for the computation of residential capital expenditures and inputs for the quarterly and annual estimates of net capital stock and depreciation by component. They are also a major input in the computation of the investment in non-residential building construction on a sub-annual basis. In addition, the results of this survey are used by CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) as a reference base for conducting a monthly survey of housing starts and completions in accordance with its mandate. The statistics are used by a wide range of economists, construction industry analysts, housing market analysts and economic development officers across Canada.   Product Main Page

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Statistics Canada has adopted an open licence which allows this product to be accessible to all GOA employees and to the general public. This product has been reproduced and distributed on an “as is “ basis with the permission of Statistics Canada. It was originally acquired by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.


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