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Unique student enrolment in Alberta's publicly funded post-secondary system by sector and institution


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This Alberta Official Statistic describes the Unique Student measure in relation to the number of students attending an approved program at a publicly funded post-secondary institution. The values in each row are related to the unique students at that level, and adding multiple values may lead to double counting students in multiple rows. This dataset will show the Unique Student measure by each institution and sector by Academic Year. Sectors are broken down into six categories of publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta as defined in legislation: (1) Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions, (2) Baccalaureate and Applied Studies Institutions, (3) Comprehensive Community Institutions, (4) Polytechnical Institutions, (5) Independent Academic Institutions, and (6) Specialized Arts and Culture Institutions.


August 11, 2015

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  • This dataset includes The Banff Centre.
  • In 2013-14, Innovation and Advanced Education introduced a new reporting application. This resulted in some data conversions and updated full-time/part-time calculations. As a result of these changes, the data in the above table may not align with previous data pulls.
  • Academic years are related to each individual institution, and generally run from May through April or July through June. The data is submitted at the end of each academic year, and then requires a rigorous review and sign off, meaning there is a time lag of approximately one year before data is updated. For example, the 2013-14 academic year enrolments are first submitted in July/August of 2014, and the system data would not be released until all submissions are finalized. This translates to the 2013-14 academic year typically being ready for use by December 2014 at the earliest.

Institutional Related Notes:

  • The University of Alberta assumed responsibility for Augustana University College on July 1, 2004. For comparison purposes, all values in this data set have been included in the university count.
  • In September 2009 the Lieutenant Governor in Council changed the name of Grant MacEwan College and Mount Royal College to Grant MacEwan University and Mount Royal University. For comparison purposes, all values in this data set have been listed with the current name.
  • On May 3, 2007, Alliance University College and Canadian Nazarene University College merged to become Ambrose University College. For comparison purposes, all values in this data set have been listed with the current name.
  • As of June 30, 2009, Taylor University College and Seminary became Taylor College and Seminary and ceased offering undergraduate academic baccalaureate programs, meaning no enrolments will be reported as of 2009-10.


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