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Total Scientific Activities Expenditure / Research Investments of the Government of Alberta


This Alberta Official Statistic describes the total government research expenditure towards scientific activities from 2006-2007 to 2013-2014. It includes both research and experimental development (R&D) and activities closely related to R&D, referred to as related scientific activities (RSA).

AOS Alberta Official Statistics Official Statistic Official Statistics research investments towards scientific activities

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These data cover those research expenditures towards scientific activities which involve the generation, dissemination and application of new scientific and technological knowledge. Research investments for scientific activities are comprised of research and development and also related science activities, which are reported annually by Government of Alberta ministries and related entities in the Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE) report. Statistics Canada, under contract with Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education (formerly Enterprise and Advanced Education), collected the research and development and related scientific activity data from the Government of Alberta departments and related entities for the years up to 2010-2011. Starting from 2011-2012, IAE conducts the Government of Alberta Research Investment Survey (GARI) to collect data on research expenditures towards scientific activities from corresponding Government of Alberta departments and related entities. While the same definition is applied in GARI, IAE’s staff have not received direct training from Statistics Canada. As a result, year-over-year figure comparison should be used with caution.


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