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Program Completions within the Alberta Post-Secondary Education System


This statistic describes the record count of completions by each institution and academic year within Alberta's Publicly Funded Post-Secondary Education System. Completions represent the status of the learner, at the program level, at the end of a given session. The data tables presented are related to program completions in approved credential programs at publicly funded post-secondary institutions within Alberta. Separate data files exist focusing on the system level, or for subsets that focus on either International or self-identified Indigenous learners.

Aboriginal Age CIP code Education First Nations Gender Graduates Indigenous Inuit PSI Parchments Program Self-identified Visa credential institution international learner metis sector

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Publicly Funded Post-secondary Enrolments - Program Completions

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• See the Dictionary tab within the file for definitions and additional context related to the data. • All data in this document has been sourced from Alberta Advanced Education's Learner and Enrolment Reporting System (LERS). • The enrolment data presented relates to ministerially approved programming only. • The Banff Centre does not offer standardized approved programming and therefore enrolments at The Banff Centre are NOT included in these datasets. • All rows with no corresponding data have been suppressed. • Program Completions include completions in Certificate, Degree and Diploma programs only. • Students completing their final instructional portion in their apprenticeship program are included, as the Journeyman Program Type is a Certificate credential. • Enrolments are reported by Academic Year, which for most institutions is May 1 - April 30 or July 1 - June 30. • The University of Alberta had a significant reporting change related to their thesis level graduate FLE enrolments. This change resulted in artificial FLE decreases to thesis enrolments in 2017-18.   • The values in each file focus on enrolments in provincially-approved programming at publicly-funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Separate data files exist focusing on the system level, or for subsets that focus on either International or self-identified Indigenous learners. • All values for Indigenous learners are related to those that self-identify at time of application, and are a subset of the total system. These values are anecdotally lower than actual Indigenous learners. • All values related to international learners are a subset of the total system. International learners are related to foreign learners that are granted permission by the federal government (i.e. through a visitor visa, study permit or other status) to study at a publicly-funded post-secondary institution in Alberta. Given Athabasca University's distance learning delivery, all visas listed as attending Athabasca University are excluded, as they are not necessarily physically attending within the province.


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