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Real Gross Domestic Product at Market Prices, Annual Percent Change, Canada and Alberta


This Alberta Official Statistic describes the percentage change in real gross domestic product at market prices (in chained 2012 dollars) for both Alberta and Canada for the period 1981–2020. The Provincial and Territorial Gross Domestic Product by Income and by Expenditure Accounts program produces annual estimates of selected aggregates of the Income and Expenditure Accounts, by province and territory: gross domestic product, final domestic demand, household income and government sector accounts.


December 23, 2021

AOS Alberta Official Statistics Gross Domestic Product official statistic

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Alberta, Canada

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Historical (Comprehensive) Revision Beginning in October 2012, the Canadian System of National Accounts has been undergoing a historical (comprehensive) revision to incorporate updated international national accounting standards, as well as conceptual, classification, presentational and major statistical changes. As part of this revision, estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) have been revised at both the national and provincial/territorial levels. At the moment, revised estimates back to 1981 are available. GDP estimates for years prior to 1981 will be released at a later date.

Target population The Canadian economy (households, non-profit institutions serving households, financial corporations, non-financial corporations and non-residents).

Quality evaluation Data are analyzed for time series consistency, links to current economic events, issues arising from the source data, and with respect with coherence. As well, the discrepancy between the estimates of income- and expenditure-side GDP is assessed.

Data accuracy The accounts are designed as a double-entry system in which the income- and expenditure-based GDP totals should, in principle, be identical. In fact, a difference virtually always arises between them due to errors in the source data, imperfect estimation techniques, and discrepancies in the time at which the incomes and expenditures are recorded.

The size of the discrepancy, which stems from the estimation procedure, is one gauge of the system's overall reliability. However, it is a partial and quite insufficient gauge. Another quality measure is how well real expenditure-side GDP compares to the real GDP by Industry measure.

No direct measures of the margin of error in the estimates can be calculated. The quality of the estimates can be inferred from analysis of revisions and from a subjective assessment of the data sources and methodology used in the preparation of the estimates.


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