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Proportion of Population Aged 25-64 with Post-Secondary Education, Alberta and Canada


This Alberta Official Statistic describes the proportion of the population aged 25-64 with postsecondary education for Alberta and Canada for the period 2004–2014. Educational attainment refers to the highest level of schooling a person has attained in terms of grades of elementary or secondary school completed and certificates or diplomas obtained. It also refers to post-secondary institutions attended and certificates, degrees or diplomas granted.


June 19, 2015

AOS Alberta Official Statistics Post-Secondary Education education attainment

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Labour Force Survey The Canadian Labour Force Survey (LFS) was developed following the Second World War to satisfy a need for reliable and timely data on the labour market. Information was urgently required on the massive labour market changes involved in the transition from a war to a peace-time economy. The main objective of the LFS is to divide the working-age population into three mutually exclusive classifications - employed, unemployed, and not in the labour force - and to provide descriptive and explanatory data on each of these.

Education differentiating questions within LFS:

“Did … graduate from high school (secondary school)? Has … received any other education that could be counted towards a degree, certificate or diploma from an educational institution? What is the highest degree, certificate or diploma … has obtained?” Note: Statistics Canada has applied a standard revision to its LFS estimates following the release of final population estimates from each census. Until December 2010, labour force estimates had been based on population data from the 2001 Census. As of January 2011, the estimates have been adjusted to reflect population data from the 2006 Census. These revisions have had some minor impacts on the LFS estimates, while rates of unemployment, employment and labour force participation were essentially unchanged. Because the changes to the estimates were minimal, revisions were necessary only back to 1996.


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