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Physical Condition of Government Owned or Supported Facilities, Alberta


This Alberta Official Statistic uses a 5-year extended Facility Condition Index (FCI) value to report the physical condition of government owned or supported facilities. The FCI was adopted as a common measure to enhance reporting by enabling the Ministry of Infrastructure to compare condition ratings across facility types (health facilities, schools, post-secondary institutions and government owned facilities). The FCI is a ratio of the cost to address current and future (five year) maintenance needs, relative to facility replacement value. FCI’s are translated to good, fair and poor ratings based on the “interpretation of FCI Values” stated below. The percentages are calculated by taking the square metres of all facilities in good, fair or poor condition (as defined by FCI) and dividing each by the total area of all buildings within each facility type.


July 3, 2015

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Due to changes in the method used to calculate the Facility Condition Index (FCI), results for years prior to 2011‑2012 are not comparable.

Government-Owned and Operated Facilities This measure uses the Facility Condition Rating (FCR) which is the FCI established at the time of a consultant audit. Consultant assessments are conducted over a five-year cycle, with about one-fifth of the facilities assessed and their condition rated each year. The condition ratings from current year assessments are combined with those of previous years. Approximately 80 per cent of condition ratings are based on prior year facility assessments. Facilities owned by the provincial government but leased or operated by a third party are excluded from this measure. Surplus properties approved for disposal are also excluded. To optimize evaluation funds, this measure only includes facilities that are over 1,000 gross square metres in size, comprising approximately 90 per cent of the total area of all facilities combined.

Interpretation of FCI Values Good = Facilities with an FCI of less than 15% Adequate for intended use and expected to provide continued service life with average maintenance. Fair = Facilities with an FCI that is equal to or greater than 15% but equal to or less than 40% Aging components are nearing the end of their life cycle and require additional expenditures for renewal or refurbishing. Poor = Facilities with an FCI of greater than 40% Upgrading is required to comply with minimum codes or standards and deterioration has reached the point where major repairs or replacement are necessary.


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