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Number of Hunters and Anglers, Alberta


This Alberta Official Statistic describes how Alberta Environment and Parks tracks participation and encourages hunting and fishing because these activities promote responsible stewardship of Alberta's natural resources and provide economic, environmental and social benefits for Albertans. Hunting and fishing are an important part of Alberta's social, cultural and economic heritage. Continued participation in these activities help sustain respect and appreciation for Alberta's natural habitats. Hunters and anglers provide important input and support to fish and wildlife management activities. Hunting and fishing contribute to the economy. The Hunting for Tomorrow Foundation's report, “The Economic Benefits of Hunting and Fishing Activities in Alberta in 2008”, estimated that $800 million was spent by hunters, anglers and related conservation organizations in 2008. Hunting and fishing are a strong part of Alberta’s heritage that has been passed on through generations. Hunters and anglers are a responsible group of individuals who play a critical role in stewardship of Alberta’s land, water, fish, and wildlife resources. Through their stewardship activities, hunters and anglers help protect Alberta’s natural resources, and ensure that new hunters develop the same respect and appreciation for the wilderness. Measuring the number of hunters and anglers annually will monitor the capacity of these custodians to help steward Alberta’s wildlife and environment. Participation in Alberta’s hunting and fishing traditions will help preserve Alberta's natural resources for future generations.

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The Resource Licensing Management System (RELM) tracks licensing transactions for hunters and anglers in Alberta. The number of licensing transactions are extracted from RELM and the total number of resident hunters and anglers are reported on an annual basis. Youth hunters and anglers are those persons under 18 years of age who purchase a hunting or fishing licence. These numbers do not include First Nations people hunting and fishing for food for domestic use, commercial hunting and fishing, seniors over the age of 65 and out of province visitors. Results of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s performance in maintaining hunting and angling participation are reported as a percentage change in number of hunters and anglers per year. Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development encourage hunting and fishing in the province because these activities provide economic, environmental and social benefits for Albertans.


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