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Local Geographic Area (LGA) Age-Standardized Mortality Rates (per 100,000 population) by Three Year Period, 2001/2003 - 2008/2010


This table provides the age-standardized mortality rates per 100,000 population, for the three selected causes of death and all causes combined. The three selected causes of death are Circulatory System, Neoplasms and External Causes (Injury). Age standardization is a technique applied to make rates comparable across groups with different age distributions. A simple rate is defined as the number of people with a particular condition divided by the whole population. An age-standardized rate is defined as the number of people with a condition divided by the population within each age group. Standardizing (adjusting) the rate across age groups allows a more accurate comparison between populations that have different age structures. Age standardization is typically done when comparing rates across time periods, different geographic areas, and or population sub-groups (e.g. ethnic group). This indicator dataset contains information at both Local Geographic Area (for example, Lacombe, Red Deer - North, Calgary - West Bow, etc.) and Alberta levels. Local geographic area refers to 132 geographic areas created by Alberta Health (AH) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) based on census boundaries. This table is the part of "Alberta Health Primary Health Care - Community Profiles" report published February 2013


October 20, 2015

Age-Standardized Mortality Rate All Causes Combined Causes of Death Three Selected Caused of Death

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Primary Health Care - Community Profiles: Figure 7.1

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The Alberta Health Community Profiles are intended to highlight areas of need and provide relevant information to support the consistent and sustainable planning of primary healthcare services. Each Profile offers on overview of the current health status of residents in the Local Geographic Area (LGA), indicators of the area's current and future health needs, and evidence as to which quality services are needed on a timely and efficient basis to address the area's needs.


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