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Insurance Premium and Claims Data by Class of Insurance, Alberta, 2011


Data provided by insurers, on the premiums written and claims incurred for the 2011 fiscal year. Based on reporting on the consolidated pages of the P&C-1 or Life-1 Annual returns. This data is also reported in the Superintendent of Insurance’s Annual Report.


May 15, 2015

Insurance Premiums accident and sickness aircraft automobile boiler and machinery claims credit fidelity hail legal expense liability marine mortgage property surety title

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'Superintendent of Insurance Annual Report Data

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Insurance companies transacting in Alberta are required by regulation to report their returns to the Superintendent of Insurance. These tables provide an abstract of the returns of companies transacting various types of insurance in Alberta. Fields are left blank when a company reports no transactions in an activity, or when the company does not operate in that type of insurance.

Insurance companies are licensed to conduct business in specific classes of insurance as described in Alberta Regulation 144/2011. These tables are organized according to insurance class.

The following terms are used in the data tables:

Premiums: the amount paid to an insurance company to obtain insurance coverage. Premiums are paid as a lump sum or in installments during the duration of the policy.

Claims: payments made based on the terms of an insurance policy.

Claims ratio: the ratio of direct claims and adjustment expenses to the total direct premiums written. The insurer is presumed to have earned a profit on a particular class of insurance when the ratio is 70 percent or less. Claims ratios are only calculated where both premiums and claims exist, and where neither claims nor premiums is negative.

Net in Force: The amount of premium after reinsurance in force at a period of time.