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FSCD - Caseload by Service Category


The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program works with eligible families to provide support and services based on each child and family’s needs. Supports and services are individually determined. The level and nature of support a family receives varies depending on many factors, such as the child’s disability and the family’s individual circumstances.


The data goes back to April 2018 and tracks the number of Albertans accessing services from the FSCD program by service categories (e.g. family support, child-focused services, behavioural/developmental supports, specialized services, and out of home placement) across the province.



March 18, 2022


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This data reflects the number of individuals who received supports and services from the FSCD program by service category.


FSCD service categories include:


Family Support Services are intended to support families with some of the extraordinary needs of caring for a child with a disability. These services may include, but are not limited to, an array of medical appointment supports and accommodation when a child is hospitalized outside of their home community.


Child Focused Services may be provided when assessment information indicates the disability significantly limits the child's ability to function in normal daily living. These services may include, but are not limited to, respite, childcare supports, personal care and community supports.


Note: Up to May 2020, Child Focused Services included Behavioural/Developmental Supports.


Behavioural/Developmental Supports are intended to assist parents to address specific behaviours exhibited by the child and to increase or reinforce parents’ skills and strategies in managing the child’s behaviours through evidence-based approaches, interventions and programs or to promote the child’s development and provide support to the parents in relation to the child’s needs.


Note: As of June 2020, Behavioural/Developmental Supports were tracked in their own service category, separated from Child Focused Services.


Specialized Services are intended for children who have a severe disability resulting in critical service needs in at least two of five developmental areas that cannot be fully met by family, other programs and services or other less intrusive FSCD supports and services. The term severe disability is referring to the child’s limited ability to function in activities of normal daily living combined with the need for continual and ongoing supervision and support to ensure their safety and participation in these activities.


Out of Home Placement services are intended to provide a temporary home for a child when the child's guardian is unable to meet their child's needs in the family home. They may be short or long-term arrangements but are not intended to be a permanent placement for a child. FSCD out of home placement service is not intended to replace or supersede the guardian’s responsibilities for raising their child.



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