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The data is based information reported to Workers’ Compensation Board by March 31 for employers who are required to have WCB accounts. The dataset contain employer-specific information on occupational fatality, lost-time and disabling injury claims and presented as counts and rates. This information allows for the tracking of workplace health and safety performance indicators over time.

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The data are solely for the user’s convenience and, while thought to be accurate and functional, it is the responsibility of the user to scrutinize, analyze, interpret, and apply the information properly for any intended purpose. The user is further advised to read through the provided reference documentation. The dataset released is not expected to be identical with WCB reports, due to small methodological and coverage differences. Some employers may have more than one WCB account. Employers may be reassigned to a new industry based on changes in their operations or based on changes in WCB’s industry descriptions. Care should be taken in considering which operation is being referenced in these dataset. In addition, industries deemed as “voluntary” under WCB legislation are excluded. Although some employers have addresses outside of Alberta, this report only includes claims accepted by Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board. Claims may be registered by an employer, an injured worker or a health care provider within two years of the incident occurring. WCB regularly audits employers to ensure they comply with reporting claims properly. The fatality incidents, lost-time claims (LTC), and disabling injury claims (DI) are based on incidents that were accepted by WCB for compensation as of March 31. LTC rates, DI rates and Certificate of Recognition (COR) information are calculated using methodology that is applied consistently across all employer records. LTC and DI rates are not calculated for employers with less than 40 person-years. PERSON_YEARS_FLAG with the value “TRUE”, indicates employers with person-years between 0.000 and 0.00049; due to rounding. For these employers, LTC data has not been provided. Certificate of Recognition are issued by Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour (COR) and are co-signed by certifying partners. COR is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.


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