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Data Quality Indicators, Demographic Profiles of Internet Use From any Location and Internet Use Indicators for Canada, Alberta, Alberta’s Economic Regions, Rural Areas, Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations and Metropolitan Influenced Zones (2009)


(StatCan Product) Customization details:   This information product has been customized to present information on data quality indicators, demographic profiles of internet use from any location and internet use indicators (including locations of use, connection type, and selected online activities) for the below mentioned geographies.   Canadian Internet Use Survey   Survey content includes the location of use (e.g., at home, at work), the frequency and intensity of use, the specific uses of the Internet from the home, the purchase of products and services (electronic commerce), and other issues related to Internet use (such as concerns over privacy). This content is supplemented by information on individual and household characteristics (e.g., age, income, education, family type) and some geographic detail (e.g. province, urban/rural, and Census Metropolitan Area). Reference period: 12 months prior to collection date Collection period: Month following reference period Definitions, data sources and methods

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Statistics Canada has adopted an open licence which allows this product to be accessible to all GOA employees and to the general public.  This product has been reproduced and distributed on an “as is “ basis with the permission of Statistics Canada.   It was originally acquired by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development under a Statistics Canada agreement that restricted the sharing of this information with only 3 Government of Alberta departments.  This restriction no longer applies with the adoption of the open licence.


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