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Consumer Price Index, Year-Over-Year Percentage Change, Canada and Alberta


This Alberta Official Statistic compares the Consumer Price Index year-over-year for Canada and Alberta. The graph shows the CPI for all items as well as for 9 individual sectors such as Food, Shelter, Energy, etc.


September 20, 2023

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Note: The basket of goods and services used in the calculation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was updated on February 26, 2015 with the release of the January CPI. The new weighting pattern is based on the 2013 Survey of Household Spending (SHS). It replaces the current weights, which are based on the 2011 SHS. More information about the concepts and use of the CPI are available online in the Canadian Consumer Price Index Reference Paper.

Note: Users may notice a slight discrepancy between the annual percent change figures found within the CSV downloadable directly from CANSIM and the one available on the OSI website. CANSIM rounds data using statistician’s rounding (also known as round-to-even method, unbiased rounding, convergent rounding and banker’s rounding) whereas the official figure presented by the OSI and Statistics Canada’s Daily uses the traditional rounding method.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an indicator of changes in consumer prices experienced by Canadians. It is obtained by comparing through time, the cost of a fixed basket of products purchased by consumers. Since the basket contains products of unchanging or equivalent quantity and quality, the index reflects only pure price change.


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