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This data set contains information on child care programs in Alberta. Data available includes the following: - Type of Program: child care programs in Alberta are either licensed under the Child Care Licensing Act (and include day care programs, preschool programs, group family child care programs, and out-of-school care programs) or approved by the Child and Family Services Region (approved family day home). - Program Name/Address/Postal Code: The name, address and postal code of the child care program recorded in the Ministry’s Child Care Information System. - Capacity: indicates the maximum number of licensed/approved spaces a program is approved. - Accreditation Status: Indicates whether the child care program is Accredited (Y) or not Accredited (N). - Inspection Date: Indicates the date, within the last 18 months, that an inspection was completed by a Child and Family Services licensing officer or contract manager. - Inspection Reason: indicates the type of inspection visit. Licensing Officers visit child care programs for a number of reasons including scheduled inspections and complaint investigations. - Non-Compliance: identifies the non-compliance to the Child Care Licensing Regulation that was issued to a licensed child care program during an inspection. Non-compliances issued to a family day home agency reflect Agency non-compliances as well as family day home provider non-compliances, identified during the Region’s review of 10% of the agency’s providers. - Regulation – Schedule – Type: specifies the section of the Child Care Licensing Regulation or Family Day Home Standards that was not in compliance. - Enforcement Action: identifies the type of enforcement action issued. - Remedy Date: identifies when the non-compliance was remedied by the child care program/agency.

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• Inspections occur in licensed child care programs at a minimum of twice a year. • Licensing Officers inspect the program to the Child Care Regulations; if non-compliance to the Regulation is found, the Licensing Officer will give the program either a verbal warning or an enforcement action. • Depending on the context of the situation, the Licensing Officer and the child care program will ensure that non-compliances are remedied, often through the development and implementation of an Action Plan. • Child care programs have the ability to appeal any issued non-compliances that they feel are not warranted within 30 days. • Accreditation is available to all licensed day care centres and out-of-school care programs as well as approved family day home agencies in Alberta. Participation in accreditation is voluntary. • Accredited programs have completed a rigorous self-evaluation and quality enhancement process, and have been recognized by the Association for Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) as meeting the accreditation standards of excellence.


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