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Capital Investment Expenditures in Alberta Agri-Food Industries


This product provides information on Capital Investment Expenditures in Alberta Agri-Food Industries (both the food and beverage manufacturing and the agriculture industries) for a nine-year period. Percent Share of All Industries in the current reference year, and the Percent change from Previous Year are included.


February 1, 2017

Agri-Food Agriculture Statistics Yearbook Capital Investment Expenditures

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Alberta Agriculture Statistics - Economic Indicators is compiled by the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Branch.

Data Source from Statistics Canada, CANSIM Database Table Number 029-0045. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

Note: - Capital investment expenditures refers to the cost of procuring, constructing and installing new durable plant and machinery and equipment, whether for replacement of worn or obsolete assets, as additions to existing assets or for lease or rent to others. Also included are all capitalized costs such as feasibility studies, architectural, legal, installation and engineering fees, the value of capital assets put in place by firms either by contract or with their own labour force, as well as the capitalized interest charges on loans with which capital projects are financed. Gross outlays have been reported without any deduction for scrap, trade-in value of old assets and include any grants and/or subsidies received. - Agriculture industries refer to establishments growing crops, raising animals or producing animal products as well as establishments providing support services for crops and livestock production. Note: The figures shown for ""Support Services"" include estimates for the forestry industry (separate data for agriculture are not available due to confidentiality). - Agri-food industries is the sum of food and beverage manufacturing industries plus agriculture industries.

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