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Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging - Products Produced and Shipped (Manufacturing) (2012)


(StatCan Product) Customization details:   This information product has been customized to present information on products produced and shipped (Manufacturing) in Alberta and Canada in 2012 based on the Survey of Manufactures and Logging. Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging The Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging (ASML) is a survey of the manufacturing and logging industries in Canada. It is intended to cover all establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing and logging activities, as well as the sales offices and warehouses which support these establishments.

The details collected include principal industrial statistics (such as revenue, employment, salaries and wages, cost of materials and supplies used, cost of energy and water utility, inventories, etc.), as well as information about the commodities produced and consumed.

Data collected by the Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging are important because they help measure the production of Canada's industrial and primary resource sectors, as well as provide an indication of the well-being of each industry covered by the survey and its contribution to the Canadian economy. Within Statistics Canada, the data are used by the Canadian System of National Accounts, the Monthly Survey of Manufacturing (record number 2101) and Prices programs. The data are also used by the business community, trade associations, federal and provincial departments, as well as international organizations and associations to profile the manufacturing and logging industries, undertake market studies, forecast demand and develop trade and tariff policies. Product Main Page


August 1, 2014

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Statistics Canada has adopted an open licence which allows this product to be accessible to all GOA employees and to the general public.  This product has been reproduced and distributed on an “as is “ basis with the permission of Statistics Canada.   It was originally acquired by Alberta Finance and Enterprise under a Statistics Canada agreement that restricted the sharing of this information with only 3 Government of Alberta departments.  This restriction no longer applies with the adoption of the open licence.


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