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Alberta Post-Secondary Enrolment (FLE) Projections


This data set includes five years of historical enrolment by Full Load Equivalents (FLE) in Alberta post-secondary system and projected FLEs for a ten year projection horizon. The FLE is measured by taking the load of the learner enrolled (instructional hours + practicum hours) and dividing by the full load of that program. This results in a comparable metric to be able to use across the system. The FLE calculation is consistent for every institution and program. Alberta Advanced Education's (AE) projection model uses historical enrolment data and population projections from Alberta Treasury Board and Finance as inputs to the model.


November 25, 2019

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Post-Secondary Enrolment (FLE) Projections by Service Region

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Enrolment data in this file only include provincially-approved programming at publicly-funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Data was sourced from AE's Learner and Enrolment Reporting System (LERS). The Banff Centre does not report in LERS. Enrolment projections are expected to serve as a basis for strategic discussions about future enrolment growth in the context of post-secondary participation trends and population projections. In addition to population growth, post-secondary enrolment is also determined by institutional capacity, institutional program changes, students' preparation during early years of education, parental education and income, perceived benefits of post-secondary education, and high school completion rates.
Northern Lakes service region's enrolment projections also include Athabasca University enrolments. FLE projections reported here are based on physical location of each post-secondary institution.


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