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Alberta Charities Tax Filings (2012 to 2018)


Presents data on Alberta charities that are registered under the Income Tax Act and are eligible to issue official donation receipts. The data includes details on a charity’s financial information and activities. This information is compiled from the annual return each charity must fill out and submit to the Canada Revenue Agency. The dataset reflects information as provided by the organizations.

Activities CRA Canada Revenue Agency Charities Contact Information Donation Donations Financial Information Receipt Registered Charities Registered Charity Information Return T3010 Tax

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If using this file to analyze the data it is important to understand that a charity can change their fiscal period's end date during a single calendar year so some (but not many) charities may have two records listed for one calendar year. This CSV file does include two added variables to help distinguish which charities have two records for a single calendar year and another variable that allows users to only use the charity's first report to allow for a more accurate count of such things such as the total number of charities and to avoid possibly counting the same employees twice during a calendar year for example. The added variable Unique_Flag allows users to see which charities had two different filings during one calendar year. Filtering this variable to only show the '1' values will allow users to only include all charities’ first filings. The added variable Duplicate_Flag allows users to see clearly which charities had two filings during one calendar year by filtering to show only the '1' values. Some of the variables also reference filing codes that relate to the codes used in the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return form. This form can be accessed through this information product.


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