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Agri-Food Exports by Type of Product, Alberta and Canada - Value


This product provides information on the Value($) and Percent Change(%) from previous Year of Alberta and Canada's Agri-Food Exports by Type of Product, for a ten-year period. Ten-Year Average and %Change; and 5-Year Average and %Change are included.

Agri-Food Agriculture Statistics Yearbook Exports

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Agriculture and Forestry

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Alberta, Canada

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Alberta Agriculture Statistics - Agri-Food Exports is compiled by the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Branch. Data Source from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Branch; and Statistics Canada ""Canadian International Merchandise Trade"" International Trade Division. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product. Note: - Primary commodities refer to raw commodities (animals and crops). Value added products refer to processed products and by-products of manufacture, as well as, crude animal and plant products Imports and exports (International trade statistics) - Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database The Canadian International Merchandise Trade (CIMT) online database offers detailed trade data using the Harmonized System (HS) classification of goods (based on the 6-digit commodity level). Select a trading partner and specific variables (e.g., country, province, state, year, month, or frequency) or search by commodity or Harmonized System code. - Trade data at the 6-digit level Canadian and U.S. trade data at the 6-digit commodity level (HS)—free access from Industry Canada's Strategies site. Industry data are also available using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).


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