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Derived Ecosite Phase


The Derived Ecosite Phase (DEP) is a digital and spatial representation of ecological sites and phases in those areas of Alberta where both Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) and LiDAR are available. The AVI is an imagery-based digital inventory developed to identify the type, extent and conditions of vegetation, where it exists and what changes are occurring. The most up-to-date ecological site phases can be found in the Plant Community Guides. Guides are broken into individual Natural Subregions. See the Cross Reference Section for additional information. This dataset is produced for the Government of Alberta and is available to the general public. Please consult the Distribution Information of this metadata for the appropriate contact to acquire this dataset.This dataset covers the areas of Alberta where there is both AVI and LiDAR coverage (mainly in the Green Area). AVIE and LiDAR-derived slope position were created by the Forest Resource Analysis Section, Forest Management Branch, Agriculture and Forestry. Rules used to classify the data were developed by the Range Resource Stewardship Section, Land Policy Branch, Environment and Parks.


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Derived Ecosite Phase

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Agriculture and Forestry

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The Derived Ecosite Phase (DEP) dataset will support the understanding and management of land-related issues in Alberta that have AVI and LiDAR derived products. The DEP will provide a spatial ecologically based vegetation inventory for the forested subregions of the province. DEP will assist in decision making for land management, wildfire management, forest health, fish and wildlife management, forest management as well as land use planning. This inventory will also provide support to future challenges dealing with biodiversity, climate change and balanced economic, social and environmental decision making.


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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Alberta

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