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Airborne Geophysical Surveys (GIS data, polygon features)


Stratagex Ltd was contracted by the AGS in 2001 to compile a catalogue of all existing ground and airborne geophysical survey data contained in the archived mining assessment reports of the AGS, supplemented where possible with information on non-exclusive and proprietary surveys from exploration industry and other sources. This data set shows the airborne survey locations and detailed information about the survey including: Type of survey flown [fixed wing or helicopter. barometric (constant elevation) or drape (topographic contour following), Year of data acquisition and contractor, Description of the system flown [any one or combination of magnetics, VLF-EM, radiometrics, time domain electromagnetics (TDEM), frequency domain electromagnetics (FEM)]., Survey specifications (flying height, line direction, line separation, tie line spacing and direction), Location of the survey (corner co-ordinates of the survey area in UTM and latitude and longitude), Outline of the actual survey coverage (plan map of survey block outline on planimetric base), Owner of the data at time of acquisition (and contact person if available), Assessment of data quality (where possible, based on the maps or profiles made available by the Contractor/Mining Company who holds the data), Availability of the data for use or acquisition by the AGS (for compilation, resale, in-house research), Media and format that data is available on (paper, digital images, raw digital data, etc.), Asking price for acquiring the data (if available) and the conditions under which it would be made available.


September 22, 2004

72E 72L 72M 73D 73E 73L 73M 74D 74E 74L 74M 82G 82H 82I 82J 82N 82O 82P 83A 83B 83C 83D 83E 83F 83G 83H 83I 83J 83K 83L 83M 83N 83O 83P 84A 84B 84C 84D 84E 84F 84G 84H 84I 84J 84K 84L 84M 84N 84O 84P AIRBORNE-GEOPHYSICAL-SURVEY ALBERTA CANADA EXPLORATION GEOSCIENTIFICINFORMATION

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Airborne Geophysical Surveys (GIS data, polygon features)

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Alberta Energy Regulator

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