Open Government

Vital Statistics Annual Review and the Alberta Open Government Program

Submitted by Farooq Khan, Chief Data Officer, Open Government Program

This year, we are happy to report that production of the 2014 Vital Statistics Annual Review has been produced by the Open Government Program as part of the Government of Alberta’s Enterprise Wide Data Analytics Strategy. This strategy is the vision and road map for the Government of Alberta’s potential to harness data-dependent capabilities.

Service Alberta’s Vital Statistics division is responsible for registering all live births, stillbirths, marriages, deaths, legal changes of names and adoptions occurring in Alberta. These events are reported each year in their annual review and tell a story about Alberta’s past and help to plan for the Alberta’s future.

Some of our improvements to the Vital Statistics Annual Review include the addition of visualizations, like the one pictured here. And on the Open Government Portal, a visualization dashboard has been developed.

As well, our team has developed changes to quality assurance processes to ensure that the data that we provide is of the highest quality and any new datasets are in machine readable format.

Individual datasets from the review can be viewed here.