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Open Data from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Submitted by Kelsie Tetreau, Writer and Social Media Officer, Arts Branch, Alberta Culture and Tourism

If you have recently attended a play or festival, heard a local band, walked into a public art gallery or even strolled past a work of art in a park, you’ve likely been exposed to AFA funded art.

Since 1991, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (or AFA) has provided funding to Alberta’s artists and arts organizations to create extraordinary art in their communities. The AFA also promotes the arts and manages an extensive art collection, featuring work from hundreds of artists from all over the province.

AFA funding supports creative activity in the performing, visual, literary, and the film and video arts disciplines. Funding from the AFA supports a wide range of art initiatives including:

  • Festivals
  • Artists-in-Residence programs
  • Emerging artists
  • Exhibits
  • Community events
  • Performances
  • Education

The AFA receives roughly $26 million from the Government of Alberta each year, and we distribute more than 90% of this back into our community as arts grants to individuals and organizations. Now, through the Open Data portal, you can access data from the 2015-16 fiscal year on AFA funding, such as:

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, contributor or a casual attendee, we hope that you’ll find our funding data interesting and useful. Keep checking back as we add more AFA data. Find out more about the AFA through our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.