Staff Favourites for Alberta Open Data

Submitted by Kathy Elson, Open Government Analyst on Thu, 2015-04-02 14:19

Staff Favourites for Alberta Open Data

International Open Data Day

Submitted by Mark Diner, Chief Advisor for Open Government on Mon, 2015-02-23

The following is a speech delivered on February 21, 2015 by Mark Diner, Executive Director and Chief Advisor of Open Government. He was an invited speaker at the City of Edmonton’s International Open Data Day Hackathon.

Good Morning,

Open Data Day 2015 and Apps for Alberta

Submitted by Mark Diner, Chief Advisor for Open Government on 2015-02-23

Open Partnerships

Submitted by Louisa Robison, Open Information Team Lead on 2015-02-03

This is part three of a three part series on the upcoming Open Government Portal.

Inside the New Portal

The portal will work just like a library catalogue—users can search and see results and can filter their searches to one ministry or subject or simply use keywords to find what they need. When users find what they’re looking for, they will be able to download the publication and view it on a computer, save it or even send it to someone else. It will also be possible to subscribe to an RSS feed that will update subscribers on new publications matching their search.

Open Information: The Library in Your Lap

Submitted by Louisa Robison Open Information Team Lead for Open Government, 2014-12-05

This is the first part of a three-part series where we describe our vision for the new Open Government portal.

Imagine a library. Imagine shelves that go on forever, every book ever published on them. Imagine never having to wait for a book because it’s out to someone else, never having to get them back on time, and always having access without a card. Now imagine that library is in your living room, on demand.


The Second Annual Canadian Open Data Experience #CODE2015

Submitted by Kathy Elson, Open Government Analyst on Thu, 2014-11-27 16:22

The Value of Open Data

Submitted by Mark Diner, Chief Advisor for Open Government on Wed, 2014-11-19 09:36

Exactly two years ago today, I was appointed Chief Advisor for Open Government. In that time the Open Government team has built the second largest provincial open data portal and we are now rebuilding the portal to incorporate open information. This is a great accomplishment, but we are far from satisfied. We are now embarking on a robust approach to open engagement.

Partnership Highlights Alberta Open Data

Submitted by Erik Holmlund, Executive Director, Spatial Data Warehouse on Thu, 2014-11-06 09:42

On October 28, 2014, I announced at the GeoAlberta Conference in Calgary that Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. (SDW) and the Government of Alberta had signed a long term Mapping Data Agreement and SDW began to distribute data at no-cost and subject to the Alberta Open Government Licence.

This data includes:

Meet the Open Data Team

Submitted by Danny Downs, Open Data Team Lead for Open Government on Wed, 2014-07-16 09:24

It’s been a little over one year since the launch of the Open Data Portal and a lot has changed in that time. I have witnessed an increase in the demand for open data. When we launched the portal, it contained 250 datasets of government information. The Open Data Portal now contains 393 datasets and the number is growing.