Alberta Legislation is now accessible through the Alberta Open Government Portal

Even more Alberta information is accessible, thanks to collaboration between Alberta Queen’s Printer and the Alberta Open Government Portal. Now, Albertans can search for electronic versions of laws and regulations enabling them to add context to the data and publications that are already in the portal.

New Datasets - Domestic Well Water Quality in Alberta - Trace Elements and Routine Chemistry

In rural Alberta, 90% of people use private well water supplies for domestic use (e.g. drinking, cooking, bathing or cleaning). Domestic well water systems are not regulated by either the provincial or federal governments. The Government of Alberta along with Alberta Health Services provides water chemistry testing of private well water. They also provide information and advice on safe water for domestic purposes but it is the responsibility of private well owners to ensure the quality and safety of their water supply.

School Enrollments in Alberta by Municipality

See datasets for kindergarten – grade nine students and grade 10-12 students that are registered as of September 30th of the school year in an Alberta school.

Population by Alberta Municipality

This is a dataset of estimates of the number of people living in Alberta municipalities, including Canadian citizens and immigrants as well as non-permanent residents.

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Apprenticeship by Municipality

This is a listing of new enrollees in a program of training of a designated trade in Alberta. Enrollees would receive formal instruction and on the job training, as governed by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.

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Non-Profit Organizations in Alberta

This dataset is a listing of non-profit organizations in Alberta as well as extra-provincial registration of organizations from other provinces and countries.

In Alberta, incorporation can take place under the Agricultural Societies Act, Companies Act, Religious Societies Lands Act, Societies Act and a small number of private acts. This list indicates the type of organization, the name of the non-profit organization, its current status, its registration date, city and postal code.

Alberta Registries Dataset Update

The Alberta Government has updated the Alberta Registry Agents dataset which provides information on registry agents throughout Alberta, including agency name, city of operation, street address, contact information and website addresses when available.

Open Data from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Submitted by Kelsie Tetreau, Writer and Social Media Officer, Arts Branch, Alberta Culture and Tourism

If you have recently attended a play or festival, heard a local band, walked into a public art gallery or even strolled past a work of art in a park, you’ve likely been exposed to AFA funded art.

Alberta Recreation Data is now available on the Alberta Open Government Portal

Our friends at Alberta Culture and Tourism have recently written a blog post about data from the Alberta Recreation Survey that is now available on our portal. Find out about Albertans’ favourite activities and discover information about their dedication to volunteer work!

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