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Publication Type: Survey Tags: wildlife conservation

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March 1, 2009


A survey for slender mouse-ear-cress, a federally listed species at risk, was conducted in southeastern Alberta during mid-June to early July 2008. Slender mouse-ear cress has been assessed as "data-deficient" in Alberta based on a 2004 status report. The survey was undertaken to partly address a...

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February 1, 2002


This document describes a species-based survey protocol for the sampling of the northern leopard frog in Alberta. The protocol may be adapted for inventories of other amphibian species. Three sampling techniques for the leopard frog are described in the protocol and include a time-constrained...

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January 1, 2002


Short-horned lizards occupy a number of relatively isolated, widely scattered localities within southeastern Alberta. Populations of these small, well-camouflaged lizards are generally of low density and overall abundance in the province, as the area represents the northernmost margin of the...