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Tags: water rights

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April 23, 2014


The Water Act requires that all authorizations must have appurtenance as a condition. That is, "every permit, interim licence and licence issued pursuant to the Water Act shall specify on it the land or the undertaking to which the licence to divert is appurtenant." This guideline provides...

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January 1, 2006


The International Joint Commission (IJC) held four public information sessions in July 2004 to gather information on issues surrounding the sharing of the Milk and St. Mary rivers between Canada and the United States.

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January 1, 2004


In 1921, the IJC issued an Order establishing a set of rules under which the measurement and apportionment of water from the St. Mary and Milk Rivers would be made by an Accredited Officer from each country. Based upon the certainty provided by the 1921 Order, Alberta has made significant...