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Tags: livestock improvement

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May 1, 2003


Recognizing and managing the fall body condition of beef cows can add value to any operation. Winter feed costs can vary significantly depending on the body condition of the cows in the fall. Cows that are fatter in the fall will cost less to feed over winter than thin cows. When the winter feed...

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February 1, 2002


Beef producers must remain competitive in strong protein markets and knowing the costs of production is essential to being competitive. Value-based marketing (VBM) is a tool that allows beef operations to be paid based on the quality of product being produced, rather than a daily price average....

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January 1, 1988


Body condition, or the amount of body fat an animal is carrying, is one management indicator that can be used to predict herd fertility and determine feeding programs. This fact sheet is intended to make producers aware of the condition scoring system, what effects various condition scores will...