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Topics: Agriculture Organizations: Sustainable Resource Development (2001-2006, 2006-2013)

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October 1, 1997


Land use planning is a responsibility shared by the provincial government and local municipalities. The co-ordination of planning activities is a key factor in sustainable development and long-term use of public lands. It also helps achieve local economic development and land use objectives.

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July 1, 1997


The Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP) focuses on conserving the biological diversity of Alberta's native prairie ecosystems. PCAP recognizes the past and present role of ranching in preserving the prairie ecosystem. It also recognizes the heritage value of the prairie, along with its...

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July 1, 2003


An important economic consideration in the management of Alberta's tame pastures is controlling the amount of woody plants such as trees and shrubs (also called brush encroachment). In low cover amounts, woody plants on tame pastures can provide complimentary livestock forage, provide shade, act...