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Topics: Environment Tourism & Parks Organizations: Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture (2006-2008) Publication Type: Report Information Type: publications Language: English (Canadian)

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March 24, 2007


Insect collecting was targeted to the major ecotypes within the park. Many people contributed specimens for this study. Most arthropods collected were preserved in 70% ethanol or killed and placed in envelopes. Specimens were sorted and dispersed to other researchers to identify and curate....

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March 1, 2007


The main goal of this portion of the study was to compile an inventory of the bird species present in the Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park. An attempt was made to determine the breeding status for each of the species through behavioural observations and/or subsequent observations such as nests or...

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January 1, 2007


In July 2004, areas within Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial Park were surveyed to document small patch ecological communities. Small patch ecological communities add considerably to the diversity of a site, harbouring flora and potentially fauna dependent on these specialized habitats. They...