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Organizations: Tourism, Parks, and Recreation (1992,2008-2014) Audience: Visitors to Alberta

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March 1, 2010


Provides information for campers at Cross Lake Provincial Park is located on Steele Lake, less than two hours drive north of Edmonton, near the town of Fawcett. The guide includes a map of the park and surrounding area, and contacts for more information such as learning about any active fire bans.

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January 1, 2004


Look at Leisure bulletins were published from 1981 – 2004 following the results of the Alberta Recreation Survey. Each issue describes and interprets the results of one part of the survey. Given the survey has been conducted 7 times over a 23-year period, topics will be repeated but will include...

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July 1, 1992


Information guide describing the sites seen on the Bluerock Creek walking trail at Sheep River Provincial Park.