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Topics: Environment Organizations: Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture (2006-2008) Tags: plants

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August 31, 2007


No rare plant species or special plant communities were observed during the spring rare vascular plant survey. Two potentially rare species observed along the Jarvis Lake Trails should be rechecked later in the season to determine to the species level. The level of confidence in locating rare...

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January 1, 2007


In July 2004, areas within Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial Park were surveyed to document small patch ecological communities. Small patch ecological communities add considerably to the diversity of a site, harbouring flora and potentially fauna dependent on these specialized habitats. They...

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April 1, 2006


Invasive plants are recognized worldwide as one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, because of their ability to out-compete native plants. Native vegetation is the cornerstone of healthy habitats and their relationship to other native plant species, soil, and animals is complex and delicate....