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May 1, 2018


This document outlines the unique considerations relevant to managing Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park within the context of the system of Alberta’s Provincial Parks. In the plan, each issue is given context, management objectives are identified and corresponding...

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November 1, 2017


Land-use Framework Regional Plans Progress Report 2015 is the third in a series of reports that fulfill the legislative requirements described in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act and the regulatory requirements embedded in the plans. It focuses for the first time on both the Lower Athabasca and...

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February 1, 2017


Alberta’s Land-use Framework (LUF), released in December 2008, sets out a new approach to managing the province’s land and natural resources to achieve Alberta’s long-term economic, environmental and social goals. The LUF establishes seven new land-use regions and calls for the development of a...