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February 1, 2005


Dugouts provide water for a variety of purposes. They can be used as a source for domestic (household) water supplies, livestock watering, as well as raising fish for enjoyment or profit. If the dugout is constructed properly and in a suitable location, very little maintenance is required. If...

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May 1, 2003


Proper nutrition is essential to the health of all animals, and fish are no exception. Recreationally cultured fish stocked at a reasonable density in a dugout or pond will obtain most, if not all, their nutrition from their environment. Depending on the ecology of each pond, this natural supply...

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December 1, 1999


Birds, fish and mammals are known predators of cultured fish. Bird predation is the major source of fish loss at aquaculture facilities. Predatory fish can also be a major concern to fish stocks, followed by mammal predation to a much lesser extent. The diversity of Alberta’s aquaculture...