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Organizations: Tourism, Parks, and Recreation (1992,2008-2014)

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April 1, 2001


Brazeau Canyon Wildland Park is 50.4 square km (5,039 ha) in size. It was established on December 20, 2000. The park protects the Brazeau River valley and adjacent uplands, and includes the former Muskiki Lake Natural Area and the western part of Marshybank Ecological Reserve. Wildland parks are...

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July 1, 1992


Information guide describing the sites seen on the Bluerock Creek walking trail at Sheep River Provincial Park.

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January 1, 1992


The 1992 Alberta Recreation Survey was conducted to determine participation patterns of Albertans and the factors which influence their recreation activity choices. The information gathered is used to identify recreation trends and preferences, forecast future demands, and aid the recreation...