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Organizations: Sustainable Resource Development (2001-2006,2006-2013) Audience: Scientists Publication Type: Report

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August 1, 2001


A literature review was conducted to examine the potential uses and limitations of using trapper harvest data to monitor species distribution and population trend. Harvest, price, and distribution of harvest for most furbearers in Alberta is presented. In addition, an attempt is made to measure...

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February 1, 2005


Gillett's Checkerspot is a colourful and distinctive butterfly that has a very small global range and a global conservation status rank of imperiled/vulnerable. The species is relatively well known with respect to its biology and ecology. Available information is summarized in this report and...

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May 1, 2012


Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is an invasive alien prion agent that recently arrived in eastern Alberta. The prion causes fatal infections in cervids and significantly alters the population structure and viability of local deer herds. There is no natural barrier to further spread, no treatment to...