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Organizations: Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development (1992-2006) Audience: Farmers Tags: crops

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October 1, 2003


In the Brown soil zone of southeastern Alberta, summerfallow and a monoculture wheat systems are the primary cropping practice. However, the long-term environmental sustainability of cropping systems that include summerfallow remains in question. This fact sheet summarizes the results of a study...

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March 1, 2003


Grasshoppers are a major pest of both cultivated crops and rangeland grasses in the world’s semi-arid regions. Traditionally drier areas like southern Alberta are more prone to recurring problems, but serious grasshopper infestations can occur in cropland throughout the province. Although the...

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January 1, 1992


The need for micronutrients in crop production have long been recognized in Alberta. Zinc deficiencies in irrigated beans in southern Alberta were detected in the early 1980s. Research by Alberta Agriculture and Agriculture Canada has clearly shown the need for copper fertilizer particularly for...