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Topics: Employment and Labour Publication Type: Guide

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September 1, 2016


This guide is designed to help you understand the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and to provide an overview of the steps involved to hire internationally skilled tradespeople. Industries that rely on skilled tradespeople often need to source international employees if the local...

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January 1, 2015


The Workforce Development Initiative assists Alberta-based agri-industry clients to: Assess and adopt technologies and automation to increase worker productivity; Retain workers and reduce worker turnover; Recruit workers within Canada and internationally; and Improve the economic viability of...

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January 1, 2011


STEF tool objectives are: To develop evidence-based methodology to produce a tool to support short-term planning and development of program strategies for Alberta Employment and Immigration (E&I), the Government of Alberta, and the public. To identify potential imbalances in the labour market...