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Topics: Safety and Emergency Services Publication Type: Advice

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June 1, 2014


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of various mitigation projects, and combine the most feasible projects into water management plans for the Sheep River and Highwood River basins which suffered severe flood damages at numerous times in the past, most recently in June 2013,...

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May 31, 2012


This independent review was commissioned by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes in supporting the delivery of disaster recovery programs (DRPs). DRPs provide disaster recovery assistance to residents, small businesses, agriculture...

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September 1, 2018


Bill 8, the Emergency Management Amendment Act, 2018, was introduced in the Legislature in April 2018. It includes proposed changes to the Emergency Management Act and development of a Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation (LEMR). Further debate on the bill was held over until the fall...