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Organizations: Forestry, Lands, and Wildlife (1986-1993) Audience: General Public

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January 30, 1990


Both Smoke and Iosegun Lakes are well known as sport fisheries lakes and consequently over the years have become destination recreation lakes. Both lakes have some capability for increased recreational use and for residential use as they are located close to the town of Fox Creek. Although a...

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January 1, 1988


The purpose of this report is to document the calculation of the various Crown charges associated with timber damaged by industrial land users on Crown lands. The timber damage charges have evolved as industrial uses and land use conflicts have progressed. These charges have been developed over...

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January 1, 1986


The purpose of this report is to outline three common methods used for determining 25-year peak flows and note their advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations on the validity of each method will be made, based on practicality, availability of input data and accuracy of peak flow estimate.