The Promise of Open Data

How can the Open Data movement reach its full potential? What does the future hold for Open Data?

Happy First Birthday

A year ago today, we launched the Government of Alberta’s Open Data Portal. The portal is just one of many steps we’ve taken as part of this government’s commitment to be more open and accountable to citizens. It goes hand in hand with finding new and innovative ways of doing business.

The Alberta Open Information and Open Data Policy

Submitted by Kathy Elson, Open Government Analyst for Open Government on Tue, 2014-04-01 09:06

Last month we introduced the Open Information and Open Data Policy to help Alberta government staff understand how to identify, prepare and publish data and information. The policy establishes that all provincial

Overview of the Open Data Portal

Submitted by Mark Diner, Chief Advisor for Open Government on Mon, 2013-06-03 13:28

Hi, I’m Mark Diner, Chief Advisor for Open Government, which really means that I have the amazing job of leading the Open Government Office for the Government of Alberta. I would like to discuss how this website works and what to expect as we grow

Population Datasets

One of the subjects with a large variety of data sets on the Open Data Portal is population. If you search that subject you will get 69 datasets covering this topic from many different perspectives. One of the most fundamental questions would be the actual population of Alberta. The official figure used by the Government of Alberta is published by Treasury Board and Finance’s Office of Statistics and Information and posted to the Open Data Portal as Annual Population Estimates (July 1), Alberta

Cool datasets seek app development

As important as it is for government to be transparent and provide open data to citizens, I believe the real potential lies in how citizens apply that data to make informed decisions and actions. Here are three interesting open datasets full of information and potential. Are they “app- worthy” or worth further analysis? You be the judge. Here are three of my favourites:

Energy Data Helps Paint Financial Picture

I’m Lynn McIntosh, a web administrator with Alberta Energy. At Energy, we’re part of the open data program because we believe that making energy information more accessible is good for business and the prosperity of all Albertans. Research and technology enhancements in the energy sector are based on using solid data, and many businesses build their products and deliver services using trusted Government of Alberta data.

A big week for Open Data in Canada!

There have been two recent developments some of you may know about, but, nonetheless they are worth highlighting.

Open Data and Changing Government Culture

We knew it wouldn’t be easy. For years government has collected data to monitor, understand and improve the programs and services it delivers for Albertans. As in all democracies, that data was kept within government.

Times are changing. Not only are we releasing our data, but we are one of the jurisdictions leading Canada in the way we do this because our data has virtually no conditions of use. You can use our data to compile your own report and do not need to ask permission. This is a brand new development.

Open Data Portal

I’m Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service Alberta, and I’m very excited to be writing the first blog post for Alberta’s Open Data Portal.

In today’s digital landscape, data is a powerful resource - one that can unleash enormous social and economic innovation. From geodata that can be used to create maps, to vital statistics and socioeconomic information that can be used to help in service delivery, to environmental data, the potential for using open data is astounding. By opening up government data, we are helping to make this innovation possible.